Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Something Old

Got you all beat.  Something old and broken!!!!  LOL

Something Old

No picture because I don't have any but my absolute favorite old thing is an old barn. Don't you love it when you drive down a country road and see one?



125 years, 1 month and 2 days today!

Old, but Still Used

My cookbook with notes and stains.

Something Old

This is our back bedroom wall. We now have three new windows, and new siding. Having an old house has its many challenges. It has taken us years to side it all as we did it ourselves, and can tell you I am overjoyed that part is done as ladders and crowbars are not my friends.

Something Old

Molly Brown's home in Denver, CO. Margaret and JJ purchased the home in 1894. Since they traveled so much she rented it out to wealthy families. It was even the Governor's Mansion in the early 1900's. She was forced to turn it into a boarding house during the depression. Michelle and I toured this home a few years ago. "Absolutely Fascinating"


Something Old

My "something old" (besides myself) is located in the Village of Camillus.  It's the Camillus Union Free School, built in 1912.  Bernie attended this school through sixth grade.  He thinks they decided to build a bigger, newer school and closed this one.  In the 1990's, the building was resurrected as an assisted living center.  Inside, many of the historical features remain.   We hear that some of the apartments have the actual blackboards in them and, likely because of some government grant used to refurbish these places, they cannot be removed or tampered with.  I'm not sure how something like that would affect your decor, but it sure sounds unique.  This building also serves as our community's Senior Citizens Center.  It's lovely.

Something Old

Old car that was in the car show 2010 in Sackets Harbor.

Something old

Not sure how old the boat is but I wouldn't take a ride in it....
We were in Saint John New Brunswick..

I can't take credit for this picture Jim took it..

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Indoor nature!  My African Violets, which have looked nice and healthy, but haven't bloomed in several years, finally decided to "give it up" and flower.  I was ready to toss them because, without flowering, they just aren't all that attractive.


Nature is a hard category, because there are so many good choices. This is not the most beautiful photo I have, but I have been wanting to share it with someone. These grackle children are big enough to fend for themselves, but they harassed the parent, expecting her to put the seeds into their mouths. I saw her still feeding them on the ground. Up here, she was stoicly ignoring them.


This is Grayden many years ago in our woods near the creek. He has an umbrella plant that he was using as an umbrella as it was sprinkling that morning. We went to the woods Sunday to get greens for decoration and there is nothing like a walk in the woods (although I had to puddle jump through the creek so as not to get my feet wet. I did get muddy shoes though - ugh.)

Cocoa Beach

I took this picture on an early morning run while on vacation in Cocoa Beach, FL last year. I just snapped it and didn't think much of it until I got home and looked at it on my computer. Lovely.


Awesome! The Grand Canyon can not be captured in a photograph, but we all keep trying. I guess we just look at our pictures and remember being there.



This was taken about 3 years ago in Feb.  We have lots of eagles during the winter.


Glaciers in Alaska...This picture doesn't show its true colors...We did see calving...The guide told us the glaciers are getting smaller each year...


It always amazes me when Mother Nature can give us snow one day and the next day is in the 50's.  This tree in my front lawn actually doubles as a giant bird feeder.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Inspiring Jane

Jane can really be called spritely. She is always positive and always working. She cooks and bakes delicious, old-fashioned soups and cookies. She weaves cloth that she has made into coats, dresses, or table runners. She became a widow very unexpectedly this past summer, and hasn't skipped a beat. Because she had left everything about a computer to her husband, now she is learning to email. Here she is making sure that the tree is up in the sanctuary, so that it can be decorated on Sunday.

Inspiring Person

Lynne inspires me to look for the good in everyone. I miss her every winter while she is in CA.


Inspires me to have fun, laugh and make others laugh!

Katey DiStefano Johnson is my inspiration. haha! Just hearing her name cracks me up. She is hysterical! Her facial expressions even kill me. She is a GREAT MOM, wife, friend, and, overall, just so much fun to be around. I don't get to see her that often but when we get together, my sides hurt from laughing so hard. CRACKS ME UP!!!


If you know my sister, you know why I find her inspiring.  And I love her.

Inspiring Person

Dave Leuze...always in a good mood..

Sunday, November 27, 2011


The color of my messy kitchen.

And, while I'm at it, a picture of our motto: to which I should add:  CLEAN LITTLE

(This sign hung in Mom's living room.  I had one similar but liked Mom's better, didn't need two and passed mine along to Tiffany.)


Green is my favorite color for almost everything. This is the Japanese garden we visited in Los Angeles in September. If you make the picture big there are more and more shades of green. Patti


I couldn't really figure out what to use for my fave color (and I can't be too creative because I am still not feeling great), so I looked in my closet. Well I guess I like black clothing. This is one of my closets. Not very colorful. Oh well. I just keep on buying more and more black shirts, coats, sweaters, shoes, purses, boots, socks. You name it.

Favorite Color

Blue is my favorite color so flowers at my house are usually in the blue color family. I am thinking this iris is actually purple but it looks a beautiful shade of blue here. The spiderworts in the background are also a blue shade.


How to pick just one color, when they all are so wonderful in the right application. I picked red because I have had three red cars, a red front door, red dishes, a red bathroom, my phone is red, as is my coat. and SO many red tops.

This is my favorite nightgown laying over a red chair. It was a birthday gift from a friend so many years ago I can't keep track. I NEVER put it in the dryer because I love it so much I want it to last forever.



Saturday, November 26, 2011

Something Funny

Do I need to explain? Aunt Sally and Dad think this is funny.

Something Funny

This is Gannon. He had his spleen out on 11/21 and this was taken 11/23. It was in between morphine shots so he looks pretty good. This is how most of his pictures are taken, always a funny face.

Something Funny

This is my Mom, taken in 2006.  She LOVES the photo that she's holding in front of her face. She was probably 19 or 20 in that shot.  She and Sandi and I had so much fun goofin' around that day.  We have laminated a copy of the young Sally and posted it outside her room at Samaritan Keep.  It helps her remember which room is hers.  Okay.  So this turned from Something Funny into Something Not So Funny.  As Brenda reminds us, Mom still has a terrific sense of humor.  And these earlier days are the days we recall with smiles.

Something Funny

I don't know what you call someone who peeps from the inside out. This is the only funny thing I can find and she's pretty funny.

Something funny

Ann Marie, Debby and I decided we wanted to see the Grand Canyon at sunset...We got out of the car went to the ridge, fog everywhere we could see nothing...

In minutes the fog left and it was a beautiful site but 27 degrees...I had bought the blanket on the road from New Mexico...The socks in the gift shop...

Funny Business

Long story, sorry: Last Sat. Dick tried to take all the advertising off his car, hoping to retire. This one phrase wouldn't come off. It was in white. He didn't want to scratch the paint so left it until Monday. Sunday he gave a ride to two other men to a choir rehearsal in Watertown. I wanted them to wave to all the women who would come out on the sidewalk expecting the house call.

Monday the guy who put the letters on could only get the white off, and now it's in black. More sophisticated, for an upscale market.

Friday, November 25, 2011



I have books stuffed in every nook (no pun intended) and cranny here.  I love books but I love my nook, too.  It requires less room and, better yet, not much dusting.  I have 61 books on mine right now.  I still find it remarkable.

Box 'o' Books

Here is my box of "pink" books. Otherwise known as Chic Lit. I have read them all. And apparently I have saved them all too. I don't exactly have room for bookshelves in my studio so this box remains at Kim's house.


I actually own very few books. A few self help, gardening or cookbooks, and they are all packed. If I want to read something I borrow it from the library. So off I went this morning to take a picture of the Janet Evanovich section for today's assignment. Sadly, it was closed. This is a picture of where my books are.



One of many. Sam needs to build me a room just for books. We're compromising, I'm getting a Kindle---3000 books and it will fit in my purse!

Class Books

My favorite books are these made by my classes as part of our literacy program. The oldest one is from 1988. I retired in June 2008. Seeing the children's names, writing, drawings, and photos brings many memories.