Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Route 13, en route to SUNY Cortland.  Tiffany and I took this road to a college tour there - a few years back.

Count them..there is one hiding...

I know I already posted a picture but I couldn't resist when I found this one looking for another...
It's from a resturant in Santa Fe...

13 Things...hoarder?

I couldn't think of what to do for 13, so I walked around my apartment (studio=didn't take long to walk around) and opened my bathroom cupboard and some lotions fell out. Then I looked in and saw a couple more....sadly I had more than 13 but I only took a picture of the first 13.

Panties, underwear, briefs, circle pants (thanks to Aunt Sally) undergarments, step-ins, underclothes, unmentionables, or you can go cammando....

13 things

13 healthy snacks.  NO you can't eat all at one time and yes it's a diet coke. 

Oh well, that's the best I could do...


Some resemblance to your grandson?

13 Blackbirds

Who  would have thought I could find a picture with  13 in it?  haha  hehe


This is one of my all time favorites of grandson Grayden. (I do think it's the eyes that make me smile.) This, of course, was July 4th and he was three. (He is ten now, almost eleven.) He is the reason for the vegetable garden and I think he was the only one that helped me with it. (Others volunteered, but didn't show up.)  It has gone back to lawn now with a much smaller garden nearer to the garden hose and the house.  He has always loved the flag and we marched many a time with him in the lead with the flag.

13 Things

These were at a shop on our way to the beach in Kauai..

13 Things

Josh's 13th birthday... 13 candles on the cake.

13 long things....

Miles, that is... with a .1 at the end

Monday, January 30, 2012


This photo was taken at Santa's Workshop, North Pole, New York.  I was only four and  my cousin, Tommy, must have been three.   I don't remember many details about this trip, but I DO remember the 'north pole' which was ice cold to the touch in the middle of the summer and I DO remember seeing Santa. I have some memory of  buildings like little Swiss chalets but I have nothing clear in my mind.  (I would say that Mom must have cut my bangs!)   I found the following pictures on the internet. 


At 18, June 15, 1975, the day I was drafted to the Israeli Air Force.  Notice the Bell Bottom jeans...

Childhood Memories

Whenever it snows I remember mittens from Grandma Scott ( I still have a pair of green ones) and the mitten clips. Ours usually arrived connected by a long piece of yarn. When the yarn broke It Was replaced by the mitten clips. OH! I got this pictured from the Internet.

Childhood Memory

This is a water tower being taken down in July of 2010...
My friends, sisters and I use to have races around the cross bars at the bottom....One friend fell, broke her arm and was in the hospital, in traction, with a pin in her elbow for a long time...I don't think it detoured us from having races...

Childhood Memories

Our land ends up on Musculounge Bay. This was a favorite picnic spot through the years for our poor but happy family. We didn't go to the movies, go to McDonalds or the beach. Somehow, I think we did alright. (thanks Mom and Dad) We still sometimes go to picnic there, but I think this last year we didn't go. Everyone too busy. We will have to make that a priority this year with the grandkids.

This is just one of the pictures of our family. I want to thank each one of my sisters for all the wonderful childhood memories.

The Way We Were !

What I hear when I try to remember a childhood memory


Well, you have to put the old fire house where the pavement is and take away all the houses but the brick one, but many, many good memories.

Bad Habit

Solitaire on my phone... I have killed many an hour playing when I should be doing something else.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


One of many Bad Habits

As if I didn't have enough bad habits Mason discovered these little gems at Costco. I keep complaining, eating them, then complaining some more, and he keeps bringing them home for me. I love him for not listening to me.
I should really have a bag of candy here. too.  This is a bad habit because I read instead of doing productive things like cleaning etc.

Bad Habits

I apparently don't take many pictures of my many bad habits. I did find this one. I love to mow the lawn, so much so that I hardly do anything else in the summer other than mow the lawn. Its a great stress reliever and it gets the lawn mowed besides. As you can see Smokey wanted to take his turn. This was in 2004 and he has long been in kitty heaven. (he apparently had a few bad habits himself).

Drinking alone, not good, drinking with friends great !

This was me last night, notice not alone, but drinking !

Bad Habit/s

I was at work and my boss didn't have candles for my cake...
In her desk she found a pack of cigarettes..
For some reason there was a can of beer!..My boss was a school principal...
BAD Habit!!!!

Kelly's Bad Habits

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I had the pleasure of attending the Sacket High School Class of 1971 Reunion this past summer with my sister and brother-in-law. This was a noisy crew - and funny!


This was Kenny Chesney concert, the biggest waste of $72 in my life.  Noise was all you heard not music!


One of my favorite picture taking places in SE Colorado.


Times Square. The Noise never stops, and I  love it!


I love the noise of fireworks!

Lots of Noise

If I remember right, there was a lot of noise that day, a very hot day in August 2004. (and no that is not alcohol in their cups!!)

Niagara Falls love the sound but it makes me want to pee.


My espresso machine is noisy when it grinds the beans and froths the milk making my morning latte.......


I did not learn how to play the Ukulele very well.  Need I say more?

Noise from Kelly

The worst noise EVER.
This is my husband's Accordion, when he plays music, it can be noisy, but good noisy...


A few clouds and their reflection, somewhere in Nova Scotia, October 2010.  My Husband and I had the honor to meet Brenda and Jim on this wonderful Northeast cruise!!  p.s., It is still 1/27 on the West Coast...

Friday, January 27, 2012


Clouds in Boston

I took this when I was out Christmas shopping this winter and, right when I got off the T, I noticed everyone was taking pictures. Gorgeous!