Saturday, February 25, 2012


This was from November 2, 2009 when the US NY came to dock in Manhattan. Kelly got us passes to go out on the Intrepid to get a great look at it coming into dock. It was mainly made from the steel from the Twin Towers. There was HIGH security everywhere and this was the fireboat out in the Hudson River...

Very Patriotic

Friend Sally at another picnic...
I told everyone they had to wear red, white and blue..
And she did...


I do so love the patriotic theme. I love the 4th of July season.


Fire Department New York City

I saw this on my walk back to Grand Central on 2/20/12.  You know we all love firemen. So here is to them.


This is the flag hanging on our deck,

And this is an oldie, but goodie!


This was painted on a tree down the street from my old hoouse.

Patriotic Pots! Love it!

Friday, February 24, 2012


I find this odd because I know the picture was taken in July so why are the trees in the background yellow, like fall?   I never noticed this until a month or so ago.


Ann Marie bought 2 second hand night stands...
This is what was in one of the drawers..


I find this odd.  Cows painted on a fence behind the Octagon House.  

This is the Octagon House in Camillus, New York.

And, this is the spiral stairway up through the middle of  the house.  You can look down from the very top and see a braided rug and card table that are on a stone floor in the basement.  The stairs are very steep and narrow.

ODD !!!!

Kelly had to lay out her outfit the night before her half marathon, so she could make sure she had everything. She would have been shit out of luck if she forget anything.


While in Santa Fe, NM, Brenda and Ann Marie started to take on the characteristics of the local species. Or maybe we were there on a full moon.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

One more Hat

This is Jim's grandson Jacob...When we were in Cancun his parents made him wear this hat everywhere...One day he was in the water for 5 hours straight..Pool, ocean, hot tub repeat...There were 5 pools...It was a good thing there were 5 adults to take turns watching him...


Sometimes you just have to make do!   (Sorry, been gone for the last week, missed seeing all these and posting, too.)


Tiffany, with our neighbors, Ken and Betty Y., sporting a hat that her wicked step-mother made for her!


This is Donald from PO where I worked. We had a Cinco de Maya (sp.) party and we had a blast. I do miss those times but don't miss working. I still haven't figured out how to spell check on this Suzie. Maybe by next blog. And yes, I am having fun doing this also.


I know I posted this in last blog but I so do love it and the hat on Owen is hysterical isn't it.  And he so loved being a hobo ha.

Hats, Helmets and Crowns

Dalton and Sophie on Sandi and Dave's porch..being safe with helmets
Linda begged me to pose for a picture with her wearing these Liberty Crowns..


HAHAHA!  Mason donated all the hats I could talk him out of to other golfers.   It uuasn't easy for him.  What a surprise to go the uueb site selling our AZ house and discover that, after all that, he left the ones he couldn't part with in the closet.  Not to feel sorry for him. The agent mailed them.

Suzie's surprise party ! We made party hats out of newspaper, they were all different. From left to right, Heidi (my daughter) Cheryl (my sister) Karyn (Brenda's daughter) Charlie (Cheryl's husband.

Happy Birthday Suzie !!!!


On the left.. 2 comic friends of mine that got free LaBatt's hats out of cases of beer..

On the right... well... this hat got me a lot of compliments! It is so simple! Problem was... I had to flip a "leaf" forward to hear anyone!
Sudoku, my daily numbers...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We were walking through the streets of  NYC and there is this huge sign of just numbers...
I have no idea what they are for and, look, they stopped at age, haha..
And I needed a picture for today...


Grace's first ice cream. Her favorite now is chocolate of course. Owen's favorite is banana split royale. Cute story about that but too long for blog.

These were the receipts from when Debby and I visited Karyn in Boston. We did a little damage on her credit cards, even had lunch. Hey, she said to get whatever we needed.

Shopping !

Target was one of our stops.

Oh what fun to spend someone else's money !


NO one wants to know the  " NUMBER "  of calories in this breakfast.  But, dang, every single one of them quote a famous tiger .  "GREAT"

The number is 3,000

This is Christian Lopez. He graduated from St. Lawrence University where he played football. He started dating a girl from Watertown. He graduated and moved closer to his hometown near the city and worked at Verizon Wireless. His girlfriend bought him Yankees tickets for his birthday and he brought his dad. As luck would have it.. he caught Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit.. which happened to be a home run.

The surprising thing in this story is that he GAVE the ball back to Jeter. He could have sold the ball for $$$$$$$$$$$$ and, instead, he became New York's sweetheart for giving it back to him.

It has been argued that it was a dumb decision... but he got a GREAT job at Modell's and different organizations FLOODED him with gifts.. including paying off his student loans and BOX seats with the Yankees!

A week later... HE WALKS into the Boathouse in Sackets Harbor! It was his girlfriend's birthday and he was up visiting her. 2 things to see in this picture: He is making the number 3 in the picture (in my hair)... and someone noted that it looks like I am going to pinch his nipple. HA!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ha, fooling Brenda. She will be looking at her list thinking "what, washer?" I am asking for advice. Old washer broke. Getting new washer. Not getting front loader or spending $1000. What I did want to know is this, I have heard pros and cons about top loader HE washer. Anybody want to help?

A close up... from seconds ago... we are out of NYC now so maybe we can post more...


                                        Strauuberry Fields, in Central Park

Close Up

I think that was some sort of sugar on the puss. He fell asleep in the7th inning (not before he irritated most everyone there.)  In his defense, he was only three and I probably wouldn't have lasted that long, falling asleep or irritating everyone.

Close Up

Grayden and Santa .


I wasn't ready for my close up in this photo.  This was another of my musical adventures, Rumors, with Julie Crawford, Frank Crawford, Rick Atkinson and me.  (I'm the one who forgot to look at the camera.)

Close Up

Robert taking a close up view of the mixing bowl.

Close Up

Can you guess what this is a part of??

Monday, February 20, 2012


We stumbled onto this cool Motel on the way to the petrified forest and the painted desert.  These cars have been here for a very long time.  I don't know if you can tell, but some of them even have flat tires.

And yes, one of these pictures was posted by another blogger only four days ago.


We are again using cheap child labor in maintaining our vehicles.  I am not sure if he learned this new technique from his father or not.  It would not surprise me.


Out of my earlier What A Mess! post, emerged the reinvented 1976 Chevy Laguna!

This was a car parked in front of the hotel Heidi stayed at in Monte Carlo.