Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finish Work

Dick says that this is my last day of school. Looking at what I'm wearing, I'm not so sure, but maybe I'm dressed to clean my room. Looking at my face, he may be right.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The end of the house hunt for Jeff!  This was almost 3 years ago.


The school playground finally Finished..
This is the cutting ceremony...The they let all the K-6 kids just play...

Side note:
Feel free to post to the blog with any pictures from now until our next 30
pictures...Which will be in a month or so...
I have 20 things on a list...send me more suggestions..


This was supposed to be one of Roger's last days of driving school bus. He got a call that same November to go back and instead of substituting, he had his own route. He has finally finally FINISHED driving school bus. However, he still gets calls when something in the inner workings of the bowels of the school doesn't go just right.

See everyone next blog and its been fun looking at all your pictures. See you soon in SH Debby.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So the guy in the air conditioned office told Ann Marie there was a view of downtown Boston from the top of the hill. 102 out that day. The path at each fork in the road was chosen by the one with the most shade.The climb wasn't easy but we made it. Only to discover our view was obscured by all the 99% humidity. We loved the arboretum and would like to go back in the fall or the spring or the 60's.


As close as I can get to climb..
I didn't Climb down to go for a hike at the Painted Desert in Arizona...
But I can take lots of pictures...


This was on a tour we went on October. These people climbed through the barriers that the guide had just told us not to go out on rocks as a child had been swept away from an errant wave awhile ago. But these people were German and either didn't understand or decided to go their own way. Nothing happened but it was pretty dangerous.


Didn't get to blog yesterday so posing this today. Apparently Baby Gracie does not like her cousin's idea of driving. I don't know what we were thinking. Now the boys are on go carts and electric scooters but Grace not a passenger.

Climb '07

Greg in Scotland. We climbed half-way up this, one of the Cairn Gorm, mountains, then we rode on this tram the rest of the way up.

Monday, April 9, 2012


I forgot to post the best wheels of all. These belong to Zachary.  He is a car hop at Sonic.  It is only about a half mile from here so he wheels himself to work and back.  And yes, I do know that some bloggers know how to add to a post.  I would not be one of them.


I had nothing I liked for this subject so I went for a walk in the sunshine yesterday.  This Harley belongs to the woman two doors down from Michelle, they were cleaning out the garage so she had it parked on the street.  The kids bikes were by the park.

Spider Wheels

A foggy morning in '09


Dalton and Sophie many years ago...
My niece Heidi (Ann Marie's daughter) on my 3-wheeler..
I offered the 3-wheeler for those doing the Bike NY...
No takers...Can you see them hauling it on the subway and train?..


took these a couple of years ago in Branson.  Cool old wheels.  I could have gone out in the front yard and taken a picture of a pile of wheels but thought these were prettier.  LOL

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hi we're in Sackets! Picture to follow once I figure out how to post from iPad.

SURPRISE......this is my apartment

Can a man and women live in this space for a year without one of them doing the other in? 821sf. Oh My, What have I done?

We got a nice Surprise

On one of our cruises we took a duck tour boat ride...We saw a field of people flying all sorts of kites...Our boat guide circled around to let us get better pictures....

SURPRISE...this is your apartment

While I was slaving away at work last summer, these 2 were slaving away in my apartment...and it was 102 degrees here! They painted furniture INSIDE because it was too hot out! And I came out and it looked GREAT!!!

Surprise: A Flood

For a Sunday School lesson in 2009, the kids were given a scene title and one minute to plan a pose. Then I took their picture. Together the pictures tell the story of Noah.

Noah builds an ark. Neighbors jeer.
Noah and his son load the ark.

The 35th day on the ark.

Noah and his family see dry land.

Noah builds an altar to God. (Notice that Noah was ahead of his time.)

They see the rainbow.


No, this was not the new man in my life. We went to the Goodwill in Danbury and there was something in the store window I wanted to see, so Brenda had to take a picture. Really. We went to 7 thrift stores in 3 days when Brenda came to visit. Yup. Crazy.....

Saturday, April 7, 2012


The handles I have had my hands wrapped around all day.  Michelle and I moved a lot of rock and dirt today.  Worked a few bags of old leaves into her clay soil.


When we get around to painting our exterior doors, we plan to replace the knobs and locks with these.             

P.S. Our colors, Patti.  The house is a yellowy beige (the name of the color evades me right now), the foundation is a little bit darker khaki color and the three exterior doors will be Behr Mythic Forest.  We're still undecided on the color for our new and old decking.  The old decking needs a lot of attention.  Here is one BEFORE picture and two IN PROGRESS pictures.  (Someday, we'll have the AFTER pictures.)  Oh, and the door paint color-to-be.



       Mythic Forest              


Posting for Kelly
These are the handlebars from a bike she borrowed
that she doesn't know how to use...

Handles and more

I guess you could call these handles, knobs and hooks..
I had them made for the girls many years ago...
They are a collection from our old house, the Barracks and here and there... 

Door Handle

Here is another of the things Dick has done since he retired in Jan. He replaced the old knob type assembly on our garage door with this handle type. It used to (for years) blow open all the time and bang in the night. Now it stays closed. If I had known how handy he was going to be I would have encouraged him to retire earlier.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Last year, April 26th, in Camillus, New York.  A downpour of rain followed by hail.  

A couple cars in our lot were damaged. (My ol' Neon is in such a sad state that I really wouldn't have been able to TELL!)

What looks like a stream here is the side lawn at work.  Our building sits at the bottom of a hill so I suppose that's runoff.

That was our excitement for the day.  


Weather is STRANGE this winter! Not much snow in the NE and my friend in AZ sent me this last month. Her husband was in fact golfing this day. Makes it hard to find the ball. Her poor dogs were so confused and shivering.


A nice spring day in OK, a couple of years ago.  That's hail and you can see the lilac's and peony are just leafed out (to the left).


Sophie and Dalton in the rain picking up nightcrawlers..
They tried to hold an umbrella instead they put Jim's coats on...

Linda and I touring NYC on top of a bus....It was so cold but they did provide us with lovely rain gear...It was one we could hop on hop off anywhere....So we chose to hop off at a place to get some soup and coffee...Funny thing is if I remember correctly neither of us got soup...