Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seasonal Bloom

This is my favorite blossom, so far, this year.

Grayden with Fall Display on porch

It's mating season and he's been screaming for almost two months, about one more to go.


There they are the Scordo's Bocce Team and the Season has begun...
The oldest Ben, being 92 not only playing but maintaining the courts...
They play every Tuesday from now through August..
Most of the time they win the season then they win the tournament too..
The top picture I put in there to show because it's Ben actually playing but Jim was right behind him.

Love this time of year!


Swimsuit season

How would you like to
show up for work and
be handed one of these
suits to model?



Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I can't be out of money.
Look at all of the checks I have left.

Money We'll Never Use

Here is all of our foreign money, mostly from exchange students.  It's from Mexico, Bahamas, Ukraine, Norway, England, Canada, Costa Rica, China, Belguim, France (francs), Germany (marks), Italy (lira), and there are Euros.  The two dollar bills and some special old US coins are Dick's contribution.


Here is the chicken left from the Legion's barbeque on Memorial Day.  Today we will have chicken salad.
Money well spent.  It was worth every penny!   Durango Silverton  train in Feb '12.

Money..Money and More Money

Here are some 1930 wheat back pennies of which I think will be worth some real money some day..
I am not holding my breath...A 1953 $2.00 bill, a high school boyfriend gave me after he won it in a pool game...........Aw...
A Buffalo Head nickel, other odds and ends probably not worth anything and a bus token...


I definitely had high hopes of winning the mega millions a couple of months ago. I put in money with my maintenance men in my apartment building...obviously I didn't win.   :(


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I Ate

What I ate and ate and ate. Cheese Curd.   I think I have my fill for a while. I don't want to eat a pound every week.

What I Ate

Our first potato salad of the season - left over from yesterday!  And, it has been so muggy the past few days, this is ALL I feel like eating.  Yum.

Morels and I ate and ate and then I had a few more.  This was the biggest batch they found in over 20 years so we really pigged out.

What I Ate

What I Ate

This is from Grayden's fourth birthday party and I am pretty sure I ate some.  Not sure where picture is or if you will see it three or four times.  New formats almost always confuse me.


I pretty much ate a delicious Jreck Sub about 5 times a week when I lived at home...and I miss them so much!!!

What I ate

Key Lime Pie

what I ate

Thursday, May 3, 2012