Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ha, fooling Brenda. She will be looking at her list thinking "what, washer?" I am asking for advice. Old washer broke. Getting new washer. Not getting front loader or spending $1000. What I did want to know is this, I have heard pros and cons about top loader HE washer. Anybody want to help?


  1. Well Linda will the store let one for a week?
    Other than that I don't have anything for you....

  2. Sorry. No idea. I don't even want to THINK about having to replace ours. Bernie's fixed various problems with it probably 10 times over the years. Good luck with it, Linda.

  3. Have had both. Like both. If you get front load I suggest you get elevate them. Bending over to get heavy clothes from uuasher to dryer can be hard on you back. Since front loading uuashers do not fully drain you need to leave the door ajar or it uuill get smelly.