Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The number is 3,000

This is Christian Lopez. He graduated from St. Lawrence University where he played football. He started dating a girl from Watertown. He graduated and moved closer to his hometown near the city and worked at Verizon Wireless. His girlfriend bought him Yankees tickets for his birthday and he brought his dad. As luck would have it.. he caught Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit.. which happened to be a home run.

The surprising thing in this story is that he GAVE the ball back to Jeter. He could have sold the ball for $$$$$$$$$$$$ and, instead, he became New York's sweetheart for giving it back to him.

It has been argued that it was a dumb decision... but he got a GREAT job at Modell's and different organizations FLOODED him with gifts.. including paying off his student loans and BOX seats with the Yankees!

A week later... HE WALKS into the Boathouse in Sackets Harbor! It was his girlfriend's birthday and he was up visiting her. 2 things to see in this picture: He is making the number 3 in the picture (in my hair)... and someone noted that it looks like I am going to pinch his nipple. HA!


  1. Good job, Kelly. You're so imaginative. Great story.

  2. I got high marks from the blogger!! I USED to be the blogger queen! :)

  3. I traded my title for Facebook Queen, I guess. I get so wrapped up in the blast of information from that and all on it everyday that I have a difficult time doing much else - unless I force myself. Which I sometimes need to do. Love you, Kelly!

  4. What surprises me most about this story is that memory failing Kelly remembered the story! Wow! And in such detail!
    Just a 3rd thing to why my hair somehow took on the color of the ugly green walls???

  5. Karyn- your hair looks TERRIBLE! Thanks for pointing that out!