Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This is my friend and I just after reaching the Finish Line in the Run To Remember Half Marathon last year in downtown Boston. It was about 92 degrees that day, humid, not enough water on the course; basically, it was miserable. So I couldn't have been happier to reach the end.

Side note:
The race was to benefit the Boston Police Dept. The next morning (Memorial Day) I was driving my friend to her car and ran a yellow light at approx 6 a.m. going 15 mph. (I wasn't racing through it and I was the only car on the road)...except for the one lonely police officer who gave me a $50 ticket. Boo to you! I almost died of heat stroke running that stupid race for your "peeps!"


  1. You should have told him what you just did...

  2. He wouldn't give me a chance to say anything!

  3. This is the second ticket you have mentioned in as many days. I am beginning to think you are after the "men in blue" instead of the firefighters. And I can't believe he didn't give you a chance. Ha. He definitely doesn't know who he's dealing with!! You probably had your Yankee cap on.