Friday, April 6, 2012


Sophie and Dalton in the rain picking up nightcrawlers..
They tried to hold an umbrella instead they put Jim's coats on...

Linda and I touring NYC on top of a bus....It was so cold but they did provide us with lovely rain gear...It was one we could hop on hop off anywhere....So we chose to hop off at a place to get some soup and coffee...Funny thing is if I remember correctly neither of us got soup...


  1. Your rain coats look like the ones they pass out at Niagara Fall

  2. How astute of you Debby. Yes, they were those corny raincoats. We were determined we weren't going to wear those queer things, but a cold downpour can change your mind pretty fast.

  3. Is the bus raincoat yours to take afterwards or do you wear one that other people wore before you? Because they look very light weight.