Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A few years back, a dear lady, Kate, who retired from the law office where I work (and who recently passed on), entrusted her small library of old crochet and knitting pattern booklets as well as some needles and hooks to me.  She told me that none of the family she had remaining had any interest and she knew I'd make some use of them.  I was unable to locate a date on this one.  I am guessing that it might be around the same age as me.  I have used some of the patterns, but my goal is to get them all scanned and passed along to others who might like to use them, too, before they completely fall apart.


  1. I love these baby things. You are lucky to have them. Not many people have the patience to finish things with fine. needles.

  2. Don't bother to get a copy to me Suzie as I knit or crochet as well as I waterski. ha. LKB

  3. Susie, I know someone who would love to have some of the patterns when you get them scanned. She loves to knit and crochet and she loves the old patterns.