Friday, March 30, 2012

I Love Polka Dots

I thought this dress was so cute and fun in the catalog. I wore it once, about 7 years ago, (with white tights, that weren't any better than these black ones I already had on, when I asked Dick to take the picture.) Still like the concept. It's the application that doesn't work. Might have thirty years younger with nude stockings and dainty shoes. See, I refuse to give up on the polka dots. Maybe I should have saved this for "How did this happen?"


  1. Well lets see it with the white tights and I think you may be on to something with the stockings and cute little white shoes. I think you look great and there's nothing we can do about 30 years ago. Wow, I would be 29, I am not sure I want to go back there. Only if I could change a couple of things. Well maybe more than a couple.

  2. I say no nylons..
    Post pictures both ways..
    A fashion show online...