Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Three Pots

Dick and I made these bowls while we were visiting my high school friend in Hawaii. Ron and his wife have side by side pottery wheels in their garage. Ronnie gave the two of us a lesson and this is the result. Dick broke the top off his pot and made a little one from the broken clay. Ron's kiln is as big as a room, in his back yard. He couldn't fire our pots until he had enough to fill the kiln, so months later he sent these on to us. He did the glazing. I hope sometime to go to Clayton and take some more lessons in pottery; this was so much fun.


  1. I'll go to Clayton or Hawaii to take lessons..Looks like fun...

  2. These are better than anything I have ever thrown. It looked so fun and easy in Ghost.

  3. I still have a piece Debby made...