Thursday, March 22, 2012

You Made It

These are my chocolate chip cookies and what I call my "world famous rolls"...haha
Both from what I've been told are very good...


  1. They are most delicious.I love being on the receiving end of these treats.She put 4 in Roger's vehicle one day and Roger brought home only 2 so I thought Brenda was rationing me and then the cat got let out of the bag as Brenda asked how I liked the cookies and I thanked her for only sending two so Roger got caught.

  2. I can witness that both are very, very good.

  3. I took cookies to school today... It's funny because the faculty seems to smell them and come out into the hall...
    They were still warm when I brought them in...

  4. I want some of each!!!
    Yes the last time I went to school with you for something at least 4 people came out of their classrooms when we walked by their doors asking you for cookies!

  5. I my cookies but even my kids say oh not like aunt Brenda's. I got a bread maker , have not attempted the world famous roll yet.