Friday, March 16, 2012

Micro For Sure

I know what you are all thinking..What?
I have always had a hard time growing my nails...
This is as long as they get so I consider them Micro..
Notice I didn't show you all my nails...


  1. I didn't even need to scroll down at all to see that this was your picture. I recognized your fingernail...or maybe lack there of :(

  2. I understand your plight. This could be a picture of my nail.

  3. What a poor excuse for a nail. It does look better than it usually does or this "the one" good one. Ha. just kidding. I have had a hard time this winter with the nails. Its certainly not due to housework Ha.

  4. Now, which finger are you showing us ????

  5. Ring finger on left hand..
    I hand a manicure yesterday with shellac polish so hopefully they will be looking good soon..