Tuesday, March 13, 2012

START...oh wait....

This is both the START and the FINISH of the half marathon I did last fall... I started from here... and hours later I knew where it was... well, supposed to be... and was 100 yards away just LOOKING for the start/finish and couldn't find it! When you have just ran for 13.1 miles - every darn foot counts... and I was FREAKING out thinking they had moved the finish! Turns out... the start/finish blew over while I was out on the course.... and I didn't have to run more than I thought... it is ALL MENTAL you know... !


  1. I admire your ambition to even think of running so far, and your perseverence to finish!

  2. that was pretty scary I was standing about 10 feet from it. It hit a girl right in the head, boy did she go down, what a bummer at the end of her run. It was a very windy day. Yes, I come from that crazy same family. I decided to do a triathlon instead of a 1/2 marathon. I really think it will be easier.

  3. So proud of the runners in my family. I have bad knees, yeah that's it bad knees.